President Clinton’s Letter to a Pakistani Shoemaker [English Translation]


When I visited my fathers friend in Hazroo I was not feeling well. My fathers uncle persuaded me to come a long and I must say I did not regret it. I met this wonderful shoemaker who showed me a letter of thanks from the President Clinton.

According to the Gazetteer of Rawalpindi, Hazro was the scene of the great battle in which, in AD 1008, Sultan Mahmud Ghaznawi defeated the united forces of the Rajas of Hindustan and the Hindus of the Punjab with a slaughter of 20,000 men, it was afterwards fixed upon by some of the Pathan followers of that chieftain to be the site of the colony.

There were very famous personalities like Baziz Khan Police Chief and his sons Saeed Azam Khan Engineer, and Waheed azam Khan GD pilot and other personality of Mohallah Pirdad was Khan Sahib Muhammad Umar Khan. He was a Superintendent of Police in Sindh before the partition of British India. He was one of the few Muslim officers in British Indian Police. He also awarded Sword of Owner by the King George VI and conferred the title Khan Sahib by the British Empire.
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