My Great Train Journey – 4K quality


Last time I traveled on a Pakistani train was 30 years a lot. I wanted to experience again the feeling how it is to travel on Pakistani train. I have made a series of videos that will show you my experience on the Green Line Express Business Train.

Pakistan Railways started a luxury train service “Green Line Train” from Islamabad to Karachi on 15-05-2015. Green line express train Pakistan is a new executive class train service was inaugurated by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mia Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Greenline is expected to complete the distance between Margalla Station Islamabad to Karachi in 22 hours approximately and will provide excellent journey with facilities like newspapers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, mineral water, bedding, wi-fi facility and air conditioned rooms at affordable rates. The total numbers of stations or stops of Greenline Train Pakistan is 5 and fare from Islamabad – Karachi is Rs 5500/-.

Green Line Train Fares:

Green line train fare from Islamabad to Karachi is Rs 5,500 for adults and Rs 4130 for children’s. Stop to stop fares or ticket prices of Greenline train are also different and can be viewed on following image.

Green Line Train Stops/Route:

Green Line Train is strictly following the time line to reach destination on time. Following are the five main stops of Greenline.

  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Khanewal
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rohri,
  • Hyderabad
  • Karachi Cantt

Karachi to Islamabad Timings

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Karachi Cantt 22:00
Hyderabad Jn 00:10 00:15
Rohri Jn 03:55 04:15
Bahawalpur 08:48 08:50
Khanewal Jn 10:10 10:30
Lahore Jn 14:30 15:00
Chak Lala 19:10 19:12
Rawalpindi 19:20 19:40
Margala (Islamabad) 20:00

Islamabad to Karachi Timings

Stop Name Arrival Departure
Margala (Islamabad) 15:00
Rawalpindi 15:20 15:40
Chak Lala 15:49 15:51
Lahore Jn 19:50 20:20
Khanewal Jn 23:55 00:15
Bahawalpur 01:35 01:37
Rohri Jn 06:20 06:40
Hyderabad Jn 10:20 10:25
Drigh Road 12:31 12:33
Karachi Cantt 13:00

Green Line Train Reservation/Booking:

For reservation or booking of tickets you may contact on following numbers or visit your nearest Green Line Railway station.

  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad Contact Numbers: +92 51 9262250, 9270395, 9207474, 5542221
  • Lahore Contact Numbers: +92 42 36856940, 35141088, 99203552, 35394418
  • Karachi Contact Numbers: +92 21 36974490, 99071106, 99264111

For further detail like reservation, ticket information, timings and facilities please of Greenline visit Pak Railway website


  1. Great series of the Green Line Express. I will surely travel on this train next time I visit Pakistan.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.